How to Use a Voltmeter on Your Car's Battery

In order to safely test the car battery with a voltmeter, you'll need safety glasses, gloves, terminal cleaning tool or wire brush, and the voltmeter. Be sure the car engine and lights are off, open the hood, put on your safety goggles and gloves. Use the cleaning tool or wire brush to remove any corrosion on the battery terminals.

The red cable of the voltmeter is attached to positive battery terminal first. Now you can attach the black cable to the negative side safely. The voltmeter will register a reading at or above 12.4 if the battery is still able to hold a good charge and isn't experiencing issues. A reading of 12.2 or less should be concerning.

Remove the black cable off the battery first, then the red cable. If the battery is reading under 12.0, don't wait until you're stranded to get help, come to Wholesale Investments Inc. today for servicing.

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