When Should You Change the Motor Oil?

Many of us have been told certain things over the years about changing our automotive oil. The persons telling us these things could have been auto care professionals or our parents. Regardless of the source, though, many of these so-called facts are no longer true because of advances in auto technology and oil refinement changes.

One common misconception is that you need to change the motor oil every 3000 miles. This is not true because each vehicle will have varying requirements for oil changes. Some manufacturers may recommend an oil change every 3000 miles, while others may recommend any range up to 7000 miles. Another myth is that you need to change the oil when it becomes very dark. This is not true because the discoloration can simply be the result of collecting dirt particles from the engine.

When it is time to change your oil, bring your vehicle in to Wholesale Investments Inc. in Van Nuys, CA, and we will change the oil and provide any other service you need for your vehicle. Let our professionals take care of any vehicle maintenance that may be necessary.

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