Signs That Your Ignition Needs Service

Most drivers would agree that the starter is an important component of your vehicle's ignition system. Do you know what could signal big trouble with your car's starter? Check out this list below. These symptoms are warnings for your car's ignition system.

  • Should you hear a grinding noise while starting your car, it could signal an issue with your starter.
  • If you crank the car but only hear a whining noise coming from the flywheel, this could indicate a major problem.
  • Smoke billowing from the engine could mean a few things, including a shorted circuit or electrical components.
  • Oil from the engine can leak then damage the starter.
  • The solenoid allows the electrical impulse to travel from battery to the starter. Check this periodically.

In summary, these symptoms can prove big trouble if ignored by drivers. If you live in Van Nuys, CA, call Wholesale Investments Inc. for a service appointment to check out the car parts and repair of your vehicle.

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