Understanding the Different Types of Truck Bed Liners

This list of different type bed liners is brought to you by Wholesale Investments Inc. in the hopes to educate you on all the possible choices you have for your vehicle.

The most common type bed liner on the market is the drop-in design. Similar to a plastic tub made of heavy-duty plastic, this liner is made specific to the shape of any truck, and locks into place and can be replaced if it ever gets too damaged.

Next, the spray-on bed liner is a liquid rubber spray that will turn solid and create a shield that keeps the truck bed safe. The only real drawback to this type is it is permanent.

Truck bed mats or rugs are exactly what you would think, removable protection that can be cleaned while off the truck.

Be sure you call Wholesale Investments Inc. and schedule a routine maintenance check so we can get eyes on all the areas of your truck.

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