Tips to Easily Apply Touch Up Paint to Car Exterior

Although it can be frustrating when you discover chips and scratches in the paint on your vehicle, it really is easy to correct when you know how.

Dip a clean white cloth into a mix of soap and water, then rub the area in a circular motion to remove as much of the debris trapped inside. Place a dab of car polishing solution on the cloth, rub into the chip or scratch. 

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Tailgating Essentials for Your Car

With tailgating comes road trips, sports fans, and lots of storage needs. You're going to need some big cargo room for all the chairs and coolers, but there are some vehicles that let you fold down seats and blast mega-sound from your car as well. Some vans and SUVs also make for a better tailgating experience because you can get shade from the hood of your vehicle.

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Road Trips With Children Are A Challenge

Traveling across the country in a vehicle with children is a challenging test. Kids are not used to being confined in small spaces for long periods of time. They become anxious and irritable. This is a distraction to the driver and other passengers who are traveling in the automobile.

Kids need to have tools that will occupy their minds during this period of time. Road trip games is an excellent option for young people while the adults are tending to the importance of the roadway. There are a number of different games available. 

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Getting an SUV is the Better Choice

Many people are thinking about downsizing their current SUVs because they do not like paying $4 a gallon just to fill up the tank. However, there are several reasons why you should keep your SUV or buy one a new one over your current car.

One reason is that an SUV is capable of carrying more souls on board. That means more people can get inside, which is perfect for carpooling or taking long road trips with the family. 

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Learning How to Drive Well in the Rain

The team at Wholesale Investments Inc. wants nothing but the best for you, and we want to make sure that you know how to drive in hazardous conditions. There are times when the rain that is falling might make it difficult for you to drive as you normally would, and we want to make sure that you know what to do in those times so that you can stay safe.

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When Should You Change the Motor Oil?

Many of us have been told certain things over the years about changing our automotive oil. The persons telling us these things could have been auto care professionals or our parents. Regardless of the source, though, many of these so-called facts are no longer true because of advances in auto technology and oil refinement changes.

One common misconception is that you need to change the motor oil every 3000 miles. This is not true because each vehicle will have varying requirements for oil changes. 

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Learning the Steps on How to Jump Start Another Car

In order to jump-start any vehicle from another, you'll first need to get both vehicles as close as possible so the jumper cables can reach both batteries. Once this is done, put the cars in park, kill the engine, open the hoods.

Identify the negative and positive sides of the battery in each car, then do the same with the cables. 

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Understanding the Different Types of Truck Bed Liners

This list of different type bed liners is brought to you by Wholesale Investments Inc. in the hopes to educate you on all the possible choices you have for your vehicle.

The most common type bed liner on the market is the drop-in design. Similar to a plastic tub made of heavy-duty plastic, this liner is made specific to the shape of any truck, and locks into place and can be replaced if it ever gets too damaged.

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Which Ford Explorer Best Suits You?

The Ford Explorer has remained one of the most popular SUVs in America for the last 27 years. The three-row Explorer packs plenty of power and is spacious enough to transport family, pets and cargo. The 2018 Explorer underwent an exterior overhaul making the SUV as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

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